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Pandit Mrityunjay Mani Trivedi

Pandit Shri  Mrityunjay Mani Trivedi joined the Hindu Temple of Antelope Valley in 2018.  He hails from Uttar Pradesh, India and  holds a Masters Degree in Theology (Dharmshastra) from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi (Kashi).  His early education was at Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Sanskrit Higher Secondary School where he immersed himself in learning Sanskrit.  Panditji  has dedicated his entire youth to learning the Vedas, especially the Yajurveda and studied astrology, philosophy and Karmakand.   He is knowledgeable in the Hindu scriptures including the Upanishads. Panditji is well versed in performing all 16 sanskars and various hindu rituals such as yagnas, prana pratishta, wedding, grihapravesh, vastu & griha shanti etc.  He teaches Sanskrit during weekly classes at the Temple.   He has a love for music and leads a bhajan group at the Temple and also plays the tabla and harmonium. He speaks Hindi, Sanskrit and English fluently.