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About HTAV


Hindu Temple of Antelope Valley is a place of worship for Hindus of the surrounding community and from places near and far. It holds regular Pujas (worship) and celebrates Hindu festivals throughout the year. It is also a venue for special occasions in the lives of the devotees, including weddings, name ceremonies, and many other life events.

Besides worship, the Temple is a focus for Gnayna (knowledge). Education is spread through discourses by learned scholars and by visiting swamis and teachers. These include regular discourses on the Gita, Ramcharitmanas, and other religious texts. A small library has been created. Bal Vihar is held on a weekly basis for children in the surrounding community. Regular Bhajan gatherings are held at the temple, as well. The temple is associated with larger institutions like the Chinmayana Mission and the Nandalala Mission. These institutions provide crucial knowledge and direction through publications and teachers.

The third mission of the Temple is Seva (service) to the local community and to needy elsewhere. Committed individuals provide food and supplies to the homeless through local institutions or individually. These include packaged foods, toiletries, blankets, etc. The Seva effort also involves scholarships and help with finances to needy students at local schools, particularly, Antelope Valley High School. Help to the pantry at Antelope Valley College is provided. A scholarship at Antelope Valley College is being explored. Seva activities have been carried out through the Temple in places in India and Sri Lanka.

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